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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maybe just bruised

After doing a little research about broken toes, I've decided mine isn't broken. Badly bruised, a little swollen, but I can move it without pain. Plus, the heal time for a broken toe seems to be around 6 weeks...

I trotted around the park for a mile, it felt like I was wearing a toe ring but otherwise fine. The only problem: the bruise spread to the top of the foot.

I neglected to mention this is my RIGHT foot. Just as the life bar on my LEFT ankle was nearing 100%.

The plus side: the wife won't let me do anything other than lay around the house today. Sloth!


  1. omg same thing happened to me! I dropped my suitcase on my big toe, and I have a half marathon tomorrow! which now is in... 10 hours!

  2. On the big toe? That's rough. Good luck. Let me know what happens.