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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Correlation, Causation, I'm not a hippy.

It seems like every time I start thinking like a tough guy, as short, goofy looking, not-tough guys like me are wont to do, I get hurt. Now, I'm not injured. I just tripped, again, and landed really hard on my recovering left foot. Again.

When it happened, it was shortly after I was nearly run off the path by an oncoming gaggle of male deodorant ad models. If they expressed the slightest bit of courtesy and gave me a little more room, I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought. Instead, the near-collision of shoulders (well, my shoulder, their elbows, as they were all like 6'13") put me in a vengeful mood. As I was plotting various scenarios, all of which ended with me celebrating victory of some kind or another over any number of body-waxed rivals, I kick a rock/root/immovable object with my right foot.

If I'm trying to learn how to run gently, I probably should avoid aggressive thoughts. Who knows, I might have tripped anyway, but it would be less likely if I were paying attention to my surroundings. Being "in the moment" as a hippy, a demographic I don't consider myself to be a part of, might say.

This was all at Salem Lake, by the way. I ran bits of it barefoot, but for the most part was in the vffs. I can't help but wonder if the relationship between disconnecting myself from the ground with a mere 1/10" sole and my mind drifting off is causative in nature. Would I have paid any attention to the pretty boy jocks if I was shoeless? Probably not; I'd have been too busy.

I know the answer to all of this, I'm just not being patient enough to adhere to it. I wanted to go for a long run at Salem Lake with my new running buddies, but I didn't feel ready to do that distance on a rocky trail barefoot. If I'm not ready to run a course barefoot, then I shouldn't be running it at all. That's what Ken Bob would say, and he's right.

But I do, because I'm impatient and have a bit of an ego (exemplified by my aforementioned daydream of single-handedly beating up a bunch of jocks). I seem determined to learn by making every mistake in the book, even when I know it's a mistake. Fortunately, I'm a wimp and have a low tolerance for pain, and will bail on an endeavor before I do real damage to myself. As I get older, the more I realize wimpiness is a virtue...

Despite the defeatist tone of this post, I'm actually feeling quite positive. I'm confident with a bit of rest I'll be back on the roads/trails in a few days. The pain is actually minimal, and as long as I don't push off with my foot it doesn't hurt at all. I'll keep my distances short (really, I mean it this time), and if I HAVE to run with vffs, I know I have to pay extra attention ALL the time.

And I have to say, with all the tendons and ligaments and stuff in my feet being so tired, my cushy sandals feel sooooo good.


  1. I assume you're referring to the pre-pubescent male deodarant models that were out there on Saturday. Although it's hard to get a grip on their age when they go winging by at 5 minute miles. Didn't realize they'd roughed you up. Next time tell us and we'll get a posse together and hunt their asses down. =)

  2. No, speedy children were behaving. It was the in-their-prime herd. With the younguns, my attitude is more of the "get off my lawn" variety.