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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting faster

when i should be taking it easy.

I almost didn't run today, figuring I shouldn't push the toe, not quite perfect ankle, etc. But the weather is so nice and crisp, it was overcast, and I had absentmindedly put on my running shorts and watch already. Seriously. I was all, "hm, should I run today? Probably not. Oh, look! I'm in my running clothes! How did that happen?"

Yeah, I've got issues.

So I step out. The cool asphalt feels really nice. And... I'm off.

I don't stretch. Not in any focused way. I figure if something feels tight, then I should relax it. I feel loose almost right away, legs feeling springy and awake. Soooo, I figure I can pick up the pace a bit. So long as my feet are quiet.

It turns into my first barefoot tempo run. I've done some mild fartleking, but never a maintained speed. Everything feels ok, so I decide to see how fast I can run my local 3.5 miles...

Turns out to be 27:41. Not too bad, considering I haven't done any real speed work in months. My fastest barefoot run by far. I'm starting to grok the "lead with the hips" concept, and my feet feel great. It's scary, though. I feel a little out of control, making it hard to relax. I can hear the difference - when I'm tense, I hear my feet. Relaxed, I sound like a ninja at a quiet convention.

Funny, I don't feel that much of a difference in my feet. I wonder if they're overly-toughened. I wouldn't be surprised, considering how flagrantly I've ignored all advice to take it easy and go slow.

Oh well. I am what I am.

1 comment:

  1. I don't pre-stretch, ever. Congrats on getting ninja-esque. I'm planning a barefoot experiment post-marathon. I'll keep in mind this loud feet concept. Cheers!