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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Contest for FREE Blue Ridge Marathon entry!

As you may or may not know, I'm setting my sights on the Blue Ridge Marathon in April next year. It's going to be my 1st barefoot marathon.

The course looks spectacularly beautiful. Like forget your finish time and stop to soak it all in beautiful. Sure, there's a hill or two. OK, there's over 6000 ft of elevation change, half of that being uphill. Well, up-mountain. Awesome.

So, you want to run it with me... for free? No, I won't make you take off your shoes. Run in stilts if you want; I don't care. All you have to do is:

1. send me an email (inkyd at with Blue Ridge Marathon in the subject line OR leave a comment in the (where else?) comment section.
2. Answer this question: What was your WORST pre-race meal?
3. Deadline: Oh, let's say by midnight, Oct. 11. 10/11. Nice and binary.

I'll be doing the random # generator thing to declare the winner.

Personally, I've eaten many different foods before running, as I'm a gluttonist pig. But the worst experience I've had was running 3 miles in the hot afternoon after eating some chicken, beans, and rice. I didn't puke, but it was touch-and-go the entire time. Not very exciting; surely you can do better.


  1. Tough to answer due to too many poor nutritional choices. Most recent idiocy: two Jagermeister shots, four martinis, burger, fries and a couple potato skins the night before Rite-Aid 10k. What killed the clump, though, was the bar band's rendition of a KISS double love play (Dr. & Gun) somewhere past midnight. Please don't put me in the contest, thanks.

  2. Wait - that's a bad pre-race meal? I gotta mix up my game a little.