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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Hill

This is the hill that prepared me for Grandfather Mountain, and will prepare me for Blue Ridge. Up and over, up and over, up and over, up and over, over and over and over again. One there-and-back is about 450 900 feet of elevation (450 ft up; I guess down is a change too, right?) change in 2.7 miles. It's beautiful, and the road is like gravel. Perfect! If anyone else tries this, bring doggie treats, or be prepared for some unplanned speedwork. Trust me.


  1. That is an impressive route. Not a bad idea with the dog treats for those unplanned visits.

  2. There are two houses with dogs that like to chase me out of their territory. We have an understanding: they chase and bark at me, and if I act impressed, they won't bite. Fair enough.

  3. Good God! 10% Grade?
    Now that is a hill.

  4. I don't think of it as a hill so much as a mandatory pace modifier.

  5. Will you let me know the next time you plan to run this? I'd like (well, that's a lie. I'm WILLING) to give it a go. Nice doggies and all.