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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brief moment of glory at The Dispatch in Lexington

Here's a clip from yesterday's run.

Can you find me? I'm wearing a blue shirt, black hat... as if my barefoot running form doesn't stand out enough. Pay extra attention starting at 23 seconds.

The feet feel 100% better, by the way. The blisters are already almost gone, and the rest of the soreness a mere memory. I'll be back at it tomorrow, I think.

Next weekend I think we'll be jumping the border into VA and doing a 5k in Martinsville, which is convenient as later that day is the NASCAR truck race at the speedway. We've been going to NASCAR races at Martinsville for five years in a row, and was a major reason we chose to live here.


  1. Lookin' Good! But, no award for first place overall barefoot?

  2. Award? How about no ITB, no PF, no shin splints...