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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hawg Feet

Holy moly, the feet are muy sensitivo. No damage, other than the blisters. The other foot looks the same. We went to go pig out on some local ribs (which were delicious), then went into town to shop for boots. Not for me; I'm rockin the blister look.

I started fast on numb feet. Not being able to feel the ground, I must have naturally reverted back to my habit of pushing off instead of lifting. I got the blisters in the first mile, but I think I fixed up my form for the rest. I'm also pretty sure my speed increased when I relaxed and fixed my form, slower at the beginning when I was trying to be fast. Stuff I knew, but had to learn the lesson again.

And the final count: 24th out of 179. They were counting the 1 mile fun runners when they announced the totals. That's in the top 13.4%, or 86.6 grade. That's a solid B. I'll take that.

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