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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Goblin Gallop 5k PR!

The course was mildly hilly, drizzling, with temps in the upper 60's. My goal was to not give myself any new blisters.

Mission accomplished, although the dead skin from last weekend's blisters didn't make it. Too much detail? Hey, it's a barefoot running blog; what do you expect?

I started out too fast (again), although I didn't feel too winded after the first mile at 6:05. The second mile, on the other hand... whew. But I held on for a 9th place finish. That translated to 1st in my age group! My time: 20:22. 11 seconds faster than last weekend.

Once again, everyone was very cool about my barefootery. I'm enjoying being a part of the running community. The event itself was well organized, with door prizes and lots of food. Great job, Martinsville!

Iris, by the way, placed second in her age group with a PR of her own. We're totally going to become one of those annoying couples who show up to races wearing all of our medals. And we're going to need a posse.


  1. I have to correct my hasty math and say that I did NOT set a PR today. Last week's Hawg Run remains my fastest "race" at 33:42. But I DID get a medal today!

  2. Awesome PR barefoot! Congratulations both of you.

  3. Congrats on the 1st place age group finish! Iris congrats to you as well. I have the same math issues at times and can't remember my PR's.