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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Uh... I am the Second Warrior (new PR!)

Warrior 5k in Walnut Cove
Time: 20:02 (previous PR: 20:22)
Overall: 2nd
Age (30-39): 1st
Weather: perfect 60 degrees, sunny

Me with medal and Tito and struggling cabbage at my feet.

Not too shabby, especially with a big hill. I could see the leader the whole time, and basically hoped he got tired so I could catch up... didn't happen. He finished in 19:0something. If I could have seen the finish clock earlier, I would have sprinted for a sub-20... oh well.

I ditched my plan pretty early on - the counting felt silly. I did start a little farther from "the edge" and didn't push too hard at the beginning. But after the first minute, it was just me and the High School kid. So I tried to stay as comfortable as I could without letting him get too far away. At the halfway point, his mom told me not to catch him. "Don't worry," I panted. "I think he's safe."

The foot reception was very pleasant. Again, everyone was very nice and curious. I had ample opportunities to promote my sponsor, Charlie's Soap. The organizers were great, and I hope to race with them again soon. Good start to the day - now I'm off to teach art!

Oh - and how about knocking another 20 seconds off my PR? Thanks, Nike! You make a great hat!


  1. Excellent race!!! I'll be happy if I can get under 24 minutes next Sunday, but then again, I'm not using Charlie's Soap.

  2. Sweet! I think the Nike hat is holding you up!

  3. Zataod - I know the difference between correlation and causation, but all I'm saying is I dropped 31 seconds from my 5k since I started using it. Just saying.

    Jamoosh - I hope you're wrong - I really do like my NIKE hat... the next 5k is on turkey day. Maybe I'll go hatless.

  4. Barefoot Larry GibbonsNovember 14, 2009 at 7:30 PM

    Hey, excellent run. You kicked my butt, I did my 5K in 23:07. I hope I can catch up to you. Must be the Charlies Soap that's making you fast!!

  5. Barefoot Larry - I think the tempo runs are helping me more than the fartleks that used to comprise the entirety of my speedwork. If Lydiard is right, staying in a high aerobic state for a long time builds endurance, which you need in order to maintain speed. Once you have the endurance, then you can start bumping up the speed.

    Or something like that.

  6. Congratulations on a new PR and 1st place in you AG. Nice hardware!