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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tomorrow: Greensboro Gobbler 5k

It's going to be crowded. 1000 people on a 1.5 mile loop. That's a lot of runners to catch, and a lot of runners to catch me... I have a feeling my time is going to be a little slower. It's pretty hilly, and I just ate five peanut butter cookies. So, as of right now, on the couch, I don't feel very fast.

A significant percentage of the MadMayo Running Club are going to be running as well. There will most likely be pictures.

Just thought of something - there's a Fun Dog Walk right before. Crap. Literally. I'm going to have to REALLY pay attention. And bring some Charlie's Soap, of course.


  1. Another less oft mentioned benefit of running barefoot is that when you step in mud, crap, and such, it comes off much easier than a shoe.

  2. It's true; I'll be bringing the soap and a sponge. I'm going to be like one of those product pitchmen after the race. Maybe I should set up a tent.