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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Barefoot Josh: brought to you by Charlie's Soap!

That's right, people. I've sold out to Big Soap. Or Big Clean. Big Clean? Yes, that sounds better. It's more fitting, too, because Charlie's Soap is not your everyday soap. It really CLEANS.

What do I use to wash my stinky running clothes? Either Charlie's Laundry Powder or Charlie's Laundry Liquid. Everything else? The Charlie's All Purpose Cleaner does the trick. Especially...

My left foot after a 9.5 mile run, before Charlie's Soap...

My left foot after 1 minute with Charlie's Soap!

Take that, shoe companies!

And yes, I'll soon add a shopping cart so you too can have clean feet while supporting a financially challenged barefoot runner.

PS I still have ad space on my hat. Any suggestions?


  1. Josh -- I have to check this out. My feet usually end up a little dirty after a run, and cleaning them is sometimes easier said than done.

  2. LOL, you shameless product plugger! Forget the cap: how about a temporary tatoo on your back? You're running really well and could pass a lot of people during an event.