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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frostbite Update: Not Frostbite

If I have frostbite, the National Weather Service is reporting fiction. They state very clearly that the air temperature has to be below freezing for frostbite to occur. Even in the wet and windy conditions, there was no way the air temp got over ten degrees colder around my feet.

Don't get me wrong, my foot is messed up. Recovery is still going to take a while, and caution should be exercised when racing in cold rain (meaning slow down or don't race at all).

How did I get that diagnosis then? My glasses. They make me look smart. Plus I have good diction, which adds to the illusion. I walked into the emergency room, showed them what probably was the grossest foot they had seen that didn't come from a house fire, and stated that I had frostbite. There's not much frostbite going around in NC, so I think everyone took my word for it. If I were the doctor, I would be tempted to let a patient think his injury is worse than it is, if it means he'll take better care of it.


  1. Maybe you should think about wearing shoes;)

  2. Ha - I will be when the weather tells me to.

  3. Not frostbite? Well, get out there and run!

  4. I'm going to wait until my toe has skin again. Maybe. Or at least stops leaking.

    Too much?