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Monday, December 14, 2009

Bandaids are stupid and other musings

Why haven't I heard of these new adhesive pad things? More importantly, why didn't the doctor or any of the nurses not mention them? I've been changing regular bandaids three times a day. Not fun. Very painful. And to think all this time I could have been wearing an adhesive pad, which I only have to change once every four days.

I finally got a box of Johnson + Johnson First Aid Advanced Healing Adhesive Pads and just slapped one on. It totally covers the wound, as opposed to the menagerie of bandaids that lose their stickiness. I can leave it on for days. If claims and reviews are to be believed, my toe will heal more quickly, too.

To recap: the doctor tells me I have frostbite when it was meteorologically impossible, waits at least half an hour to give me a tub of warm water to soak my foot which, if I had frostbite, I would have needed immediately, then tapes me up with a bunch of cheap bandaids that were too small when there are much more suitable products on the market. Oh, and what do they give a supposed frostbite patient to drink his Advil down?

Ice water.

Next time I have a medical issue, I'll google it and heal myself. That's what's going to happen anyway; I should cut out the middleman.


  1. Welcome to modern medicine. Band-Aids are for suckers. Remind me not to get injured/sick in your neck of the woods. Cheers!

  2. This sounds remarkably similar to Anthony's take on medicine... It will only add fuel to his fire. I should get you both a Merck Manual for Christmas. How did Iris do in the race? How painful was it on the sidelines?

  3. Viper: in my neck of the woods, there's Duke and Chapel Hill - two of the best medical schools in the country. Make of that what you will.

    Shannon: I have nothing in common with a man who runs without pants. Re Iris, I think a blog post is in order.

  4. Actually we do have one thing in common.
    We both got frostbite...

  5. From not wearing pants. (He is just kidding.)