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Monday, August 17, 2009

Salem Lake loop

Had an appointment in Winston-Salem this morning, so I thought I'd use that as an excuse to check out the loop around Salem Lake. What a pleasant little trek!

Not having been there before, and still unsure of how tender my feet were going to be after my long run Saturday, I brought the vffs along. I ran the first half of the trail barefoot and felt I was doing quite well; slow going, but I wasn't hurting and I was navigating the rocks and roots successfully. However, I started feeling a little overstimulated. My brain was getting tired. Mostly, though, I couldn't look at the scenery, focusing on the road. I also really wanted to run, not hike, so I put the vffs on for the rest of the way.

Sure, I was able to go faster. And I was able to look around more. But, and this is important, I was hitting the ground harder and I wasn't paying as much attention. I tried to imagine being barefoot, but that 1/10th inch rubber sole made it impossible.

I don't feel bad about putting the shoes on (yes, vffs are shoes). The way I figure it, I just traded some learning for a more focused cardio workout. I would recommend anyone who is "transitioning" to barefoot to do it this way: start out a run barefoot, then put the vffs on once you're feeling overwhelmed/uncomfortable.

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  1. Salem Lake is beautiful. I love running there.