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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oooga Chacka Oooga Chacka

Oooga Oooga Ooooga Chacka
I can't stop this feeling
Deep inside of me,
Feet, you just don't realize
What you do to me

Here's a question inspired by NC Runner Dude's latest post: what if you're near the end of what is scheduled to be an "easy" run, but you don't want to stop? You are really enjoying yourself, you don't feel tired, and for the sake of argument let's say you have enough time, water, and food to double your mileage that day. Should you, under any circumstances, keep going? Even if you had a "hard" day yesterday?

If you view running as a hardcore, dangerous activity that only serves as a test to your physical fortitude and mental discipline, ironically the answer is probably no. Surprise surprise, I say yes. Without question. So long as you're running for joy and not bravado or self-punishment.

I'm finding myself in this situation a lot since I started running barefoot. It's so much easier on my body, I'm feeling totally refreshed every morning. Granted, I'm not doing much speed work (and I don't have a stressful job to go to; anyone hiring?) - just the occasional casual fartlek and tempo-ish run. Barefooting forces me to constantly focus on my form instead.

Why isn't there a "focus on form" day in any training schedule I've ever seen?

Anyway, if you look at my training log (in the column on the right), you'll see I've broken just about every training rule since I started barefooting in mid-July. My only rules are 1. at least one long run a week 2. at least one sloth day a week. I've built up my weekly mileage very fast since the Grandfather Mountain Marathon (wk1 9mi, wk2 30mi, wk3 40mi, wk 4 40mi, wk 5 5omi {the most I've ever run in a week}). This is not according to any plan; I'm just running as much as I want, listening to my feet. And I feel really, really good.

When I'm running
Through the 'hood
you let me know
That my form is good

I... ay-I.... ay-I....
I'm hooked on barefooting
I also like... pudding*
And lot's of smoo-oo-thies!

*In case you're wondering, yes. I am available for all of your rhyming needs.

OK, now I've got to go do some art.


  1. Thanks for the positive comments about my photo on Runner Dude's blog. It is always nice to hear something encouraging!